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Part One: 
Fearsome Future

There was a white duck standing in the doorway. The light behind him from the other room made it look like he was glowing. The green leather trench coat he wore swayed in a breeze lightly, though there was no wind in the room. He stood in front of the Fearsome Five with no fear. He knew what they were capable of, and it wasn't near what he was able to do. He then smiled to himself as Negaduck finally spoke.

"Who are you, How did you find my secret headquarters, and give me one reason I don't KILL you now." asked Negaduck as he walked up to the intruder.  The yellow suited duck already had a sizable bazooka pointed at the stranger.

"My name is Flight, I'm from the future where everyone knows where the infamous Negaduck's hideout was, and I know how to get you all the..." As Flight said the next two words dramatic music played in the background. "*Ultimate Power*" The Fearsome, except Negaduck, looked around to where that music came from. Flight continued to talk. His accent sounded Celtic, which was very unusual in St. Canard,"And if you kill me, you won't get to know about it."

"And I supposed you want something in return for this *Ultimate Power* information?" questioned Negaduck as the dramatic music played for the saying of 'Ultimate Power.'
"I want to be a member of the legendary Fearsome." spoke Flight, "It would be nice to see my name in the history books back in the future."
"I take it we are well known in the future," stated Liquidator. Negaduck gave the watery dog a dirty look that said for him to shut up.
"Of course we would be well known." yelled Negaduck. He then turned his glare to Flight, "The question isn't IF we're famous, it's HOW we got famous."
"After F.O.W.L. is practically destroyed in the future, The Fearsome Five was left as the only, quote-unquote, 'Organized' crime group," while saying quote-unquote, Flight did  the finger movement to symbolize those words. Flight kept on talking.
"Entering into another era in crime, the Fearsome Five added many more members and became known as just the Fearsome." Flight explained as if he was reading from a history book. Still he went on talking, "But, when the original Fearsome Five were defeated by a group of heroes, led by Darkwing Duck.  The rest of the Fearsome slowly dies out of existence."

There was silence from four of the Fearsome Five. Who had already believed Flight when he said he was from the future. Negaduck, however, was not easily convinced or amused, He was only angered that this weird accented duck wearing what he thought was a tacky green leather trench coat. This ‘future duck’ was telling him that the Fearsome Five was going to be defeated by Darkwing. Negaduck got that familiar snarled look on his beak. Flight didn't even break a sweat in worry.

“I guess I need to prove I am from the future, a future I do plan to change. Well, nothing says my words better then pictures," Flight reached into a inner pocket for the pictures. Negaduck noticed the silver gun that the celtic accented duck carried on the side of his black leather belt.  It was a 32-caliber pistol. Not the strongest gun in the world, but a classic. Flight handed Negaduck the four white rimmed pictures. Negaduck looked at the first picture on top of the pile, and the look of anger on his face turned to one of surprise.
This is a Darkwing Duck story I wrote over 10 years ago. I'm going through each part and fixing spelling mistakes. The plot will stay the same old corniness I wrote 10 years ago. ^_^;;;

Flight is my OC/Mary Sue for this. I wonder If I ever posted pics of him here..... *goes to check*
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