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Gargoyles: Precious by ToonQueen Gargoyles: Precious by ToonQueen
Name: Precious

Age: Technically same age as Brooklyn, Lex and Broadway not counting the time they were frozen in stone.

Nationality: Her clan is made up of many wayward gargoyles from different regions. She may be a descendant of Greek Gargoyles.
Hometown: The caves of Maine

Current Residence: Manhattan, New York
Occupation: Protector like any Gargoyle

Talents/Skills: Knows a little magic taught by their clan's leader. Never showed an interest in it beyond that. The crystal in her forehead gives her healing powers on herself, their clan leader tried to train her to use that power to heal others as well. She is also a good fighter with average Gargoyle skills.

Birth order: Youngest of her rookery siblings.

Siblings: Zera, Glypho, Aquarius and Pisces are her rookery siblings. Zera is the older sibling and is co-second in command with Precious. Glypho is Zera's mate who Precious used to have a rush on. Aquarius is the quiet one who Precious always speaks for when needed. Pisces is Aquarius' twin who died when they were children. She has one youngerclan sibling, twenty years younger named Rose. She often helps 'babysit' her.

Spouse: Brooklyn. They met when Precious and her rookery siblings came to New York, tricked by Demona to help steal certain items for her. They quickly clicked and were inseparable since. May of my past story plots challenged their relationship.

Parents: Unknown since the older generation of Gargoyles raises the younger as them being all their children. The generation Precious's parents were from was all wiped out anyways.

Children: Little Hudson and Cherish. Hudson is much like his father Brooklyn and looks a lot like him. He has his mother's skin color. His personality is much like Brooklyn's but without some of the leadership skills. Cherish started out early in life as being a spoiled brat, but grows out of it in her late teen years. She has leadership skills but does not want to be a leader. She instead trains her brother to do such things. Cherish looks much like her mother but has Brooklyn's wings and horns.

Significant Others:  

Zera is Precious' best friend and probably cousin. Zera is half Greek Gargoyle and half African Gargoyle, looking much like a Zebra. Zera is the louder friend while Precious can always be counted on for back up.

Glypho is Precious' best friend as well. The three of them would hang out the most. Gly is the most cheerful and jokester of the bunch. He's a Gargoyle of Egyptian background.

Physical Characteristics: 

Height: Demona's Height
Race: Gargoyle
Eye Color: Purple 
Hair Color: Blonde 
Skin color: Pure White
Shape of Face: Small, slightly pointed chin. Gargoyle eyebrow ridges.
Distinguishing features: Pink crystal in the middle of her forehead.
How does he/she dress? Light tan cloth and black belt for traditional Gargoyle outfit. Has worn purple and green dresses.
Mannerisms: Has a very shy body language though verbally she isn't shy. Blushes and smiles nervously when in awkward situations.
Habits:  She twirls a bit of her hair when thinking.
Health: Has a sensitivity to cold that most Gargoyle's don't have. Other than that, healthy. She has cracked the crystal in her forehead once, which made her weak until it healed in time.
Hobbies: Reading and learning other languages.
Favorite Saying: "We need to figure out what is going on before we act."  
Speech patterns: Normal American English. Doesn't know any pop culture speech or references.
Disabilities: N/A
Style: N/A
Greatest flaw: Too trusting and naive
Best quality: Caring and fast learner.

Educational Background: The leader of their clan, Alexanderia

Intelligence Level: Smart and fast learner, but not about modern things.

Any Mental Illnesses? N/A

Learning Experiences: Learned not to trust anything, even if fellow Gargoyles. She also learned when she's alone she has the strength to help herself.

Character's short-term goals in life: Keeping her clan and her new home safe. Building a relationship with Brooklyn.

Character's long-term goals in life: She doesn't look that far ahead at the moment.

How does Character see himself/herself? She feels she has a lot more to learn.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? Probably as shy even though she doesn't believe herself to be shy.

How self-confident is the character? She is about average. She has her doubts but she knows her strengths.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Precious is the emotional of her Rookery trine. Zera is the more logical while Glypho is just there for comic relief.

What would most embarass this character? Awkward social situations and talking about sexual things.

Back Story:

Precious and her clan lived in a remote forest in Maine. The clan is a mixture of decedents from various other clans many many centuries ago. Though their lineage wasn't kept track of, they know they are a combination of Greek, Egyptian, African, and Native American Gargoyles. They lived in the caves in Maine for ages so their wings are slightly smaller than average gargoyles, but they can do a bit of flying along with gliding. Since caves don't have the wind to glide on over time the generations evolved a bit of muscle that allows a few flaps when wind is not there right away.

Demona met a few in the clan when Precious and her rookery siblings were near Manhattan, exploring. They had no idea Demona was a 'bad guy' and trusted her input. Demona then sent the small group on a mission to steal some supplies from a warehouse. Precious became separated from her rookery siblings, (Glypho, Zera and Aquarius, along with their younger member Rose.) Next thing she knew, the warehouse blew up because of the volatile chemicals inside.

The Manhattan Clan, (Goliath and the rest,) found Precious. She was so struck with grief she would not tall for days. Goliath found it safe to take her to the castle, though they weren't too sure to trust her. They had been robbing a warehouse for Xanatos' company. Brooklyn, of course, paid most attention to Precious, much like he did for Maggie in the past. After awhile Precious did respond to Brooklyn but only to him for a long while.

Luckily it turned out her rookery siblings did survive the explosion and were desperately trying to find Precious. They knew now not to trust Demona, and were hard on trusting any other strange Gargoyles now.

Precious ended up being with the Manhattan clan for months until her siblings found her. Zera rushed on the situation, thinking the clan was bad Gargoyles holding Precious hostage. After some misunderstood fighting a truce is made.

Brooklyn and Precious first had a "long distance' relationship of flying between their two clan homes to see each other. Over time, Precious spends more and more time in Manhattan, making that place her home. Their clans have many adventures, some of which lead to saving the world on several occasions.

Character Inspirations:

Melfina from Outlaw Star - [link]

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas - [link]

Music List: 

The Whole Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Album by Smashing Pumpkins - [link]

Porcelain by Red Hot Chili Peppers - [link]

By Starlight by The Smashing Pumpkins - [link]

Take me Down by The Smashing Pumpkins - [link]

Thank You by Duran Duran - [link]

Sang Real by Dredge - [link]

Gravity of Love by Enigma - [link]
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kozispoon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Wowza! looks like this is a bio for an RP forum or something. Glad to see people still enjoying the garg universe!
ToonQueen Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! I actually starting to use this profile format for all my main fan fic characters. :)
Verduvlo Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
I'm totally unfamiliar with the whole gargoyles thing, but I like this design. And I'm always impressed about your characters bios, it makes them so much more alive!
ToonQueen Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much!
Zebeckras Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010
She's cute, I like her! I've always liked Gargoyles OCs. :D
ToonQueen Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! She's the first OC I ever made. :)
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